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August, 2014

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Also the Colle Bertha wine bar in now on Facebook. You can follow all the events and the latest news waiting for you in real time. Sign up and leave a comment or a simple „like“. Join in everybody.

August, 2014

A completely new dress

The new year brings also news, the renovation of the bar and the web page are only a part of the pleasant surprises you will find, but always characterized by the same high quality during the years.

Our Excellencies

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The history of Bertha

The legend takes form

Legend has it that in 1084 Henry IV of Germany and his wife, Bertha of Savoy, were guests of the Da Montagnon (ancient Montegrotto ...

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Not only wines

Oil, meats and pasta dishes

The wine bar Colle Berta means not only wines but much more. You can enjoy also cured meats and sliced salami typical of our area, excellent grappas, olive oil and a selection of cakes and first courses prepared following the local tradition of the Euganean Hills. We are also available for banquets and graduation parties.

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Visit us

A few steps away from Montegrotto

Contact us, write an email or follow the practical driving instructions you find in the section “Contacts” on our web side. Come and visit us, delve into the fascinating scenery of the Euganean Hills.

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